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December 14, 2008


Oh good ones! I've also just discovered the wonder that is Penzey's spices...who knew there was one so close in Arlington? All the foodies on my list are getting spices this year!

And I think I'd like a stand mixer. You can find those under $20, right???

Although it's a bit time-consuming, I like hand-picked antique-y silver ware from thrift stores. Asian grocery stores make great gift basket fodder, too.

There's some great ideas here Tammy. Thanks! :) I really want The Devil's Food Dictionary.

It seems to me that all secretaries to the president should be sustainable.

Here's a nice little stocking stuffer. I assume you've already read it in the Boston Globe...


...Herald, I mean. Boston Herald. Sheesh.

Sally: So disturbing and yet so...no, just disturbing. I hope I survive the nightmares tonight.

Brian: What are you, some kind of radical?

Heather: Great ideas. Steamer baskets are quite inexpensive.

Whatacard: Spices are a great gift. I've been thinking lately that those big bags you can get for cheap from the Indian markets would be quite a score on Christmas Day, too.

Here's some more good gift ideas that have nothing to do with food.

Cool jigsaw puzzles www.connectionspuzzles.com.

Cool throw blankets

Sorry sis... shameless I am...

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