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December 21, 2008


My dear, while it may be that cigarettes are easily picked up at the Mobil Mart...they are certainly NOT cheap... He could have probably picked up a whole case of Funyuns for the price of a pack of smokes.

You know what goes AWESOME with Funyuns? French onion dip, from a can!

Totally takes any potluck table to the next level.

This is why I always tell my husband to sign-up for soda duty. Years of experience (and arguments) have taught me well!

My husband brought Doritos to the last potluck he went to.

Having known Husband since 1982, I absolutely concur that he forgot about the pot luck. One colleague of mine once similarly forgot about a pot luck event and went downstairs to the cafeteria and came back up with a salad bar container filled with iceberg lettuce. I'll take funyuns any day over that.

He could've brought a couple of sixpacks.

CC: Sixpacks definitely would have been better.

Ed: Yes, bringing salad to a potluck is a cardinal sin. Way worse than Funyuns.

Mary: Cool Ranch?

Erin: Yes, soda is acceptable.

Lily VS: Well, you succeeded in finding another of my Achilles heels with the canned onion dip. That would improve anything, even the lowly Funyun.

Anonymous: By god, you're right! When did they go up to $8/pack? How do regular people afford that vice? What I should have said was condoms.

we had this exact conversation when I found out my husband's office was having a dessert competition and he "didn't think i'd be interested." I said, have we not met???? but why i got upset about having to do no work blows my mind too.

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