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December 18, 2008


I think I'm scarred for life. The product is bad enough. The advertising... words fail me.

Let's not let sanctimonious indignation over the sexual-attraction angle blind us to what really makes Flame worth buying: You can spray it on a Whopper and trick yourself into thinking it's food! Couldn't hurt a Krispy Kreme doughnut either, if you ask me.

Wow. This is officially the funniest thing in the history of FOREVER.

First time I cooked a standing rib roast, I had night school right after dinner. One of the students took a whiff of me and said, "You smell like a hamburger!"
I was insulted, of course. It was prime rib, not fast food!

I saw this on CNN this morning. Reminded me of an old boyfriend. I used to love fajitas, until I dated a guy who waited tables at a Ruby Tuesdays, when their sizzling fajita platters were all the rage. He used to come home smelling of fajitas. At first it was pretty cool, made for interesting relations. Then it just became gross. I haven't eaten a fajita in 13 years because of it.

I'm never eating fajitas again. Sincerely, NurseJen's Sister.


That picture is seriously disturbing. WTG Tammy!

*chuckle* *snort*

I read that it doesn´t smell like a hamburger so much as something reminiscent of flame-broiled-ness, plus cinnamon (oddly enough). The whole concept just seems wierd to me though...

Sandicita: Ah, so it's something more reminiscent of liquid smoke? That might work for me actually. Maybe I was too hasty.

Sally: Suddenly, I have an urge for salad and only platonic relations.

Jess: Are you really NurseJen's sister?

NurseJen: Wow, the power of the olfactory senses. Poor lonely fajitas.

CC: That student may be Flame's target demographic. Now, if they can bottle the essence of braised short rib, we might be getting somewhere...

Jeena: Oh BK, what will you think of next?

Barry Foy: That's true. If you spray Flame on a Whopper, maybe you don't even have to cook it! (dry heaves)

Adele: Do you know what I'm really worried about? The counterattack that will be launched by McDonald's. Probably with clowns. The horrors!

I'm with Adele. This is one of the most disturbing things I've ever witnessed.

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