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November 25, 2008


Glad to hear the eggs made it all the way into the house! And it was really great to meet you as well!

"Hand-viscerated?" Is that, like, more humane or gourmet or something?

I maintain that I'll actually get around to roasting a turkey when they finally breed a bird that is all leg and very little breast. Do Diemand Farm turkeys have more flavor than the usual ones?

Adele - if you want all leg, and very little breast, you should have them clone me into a turkey!!

Oh and Sis - Happy Thanksgiving. Wish we could be there!

Happy Thanksgiving!! How I miss this very special celebration! But we will have a "Francegiving" on Saturday which should come pretty close to what you're having to eat today. We just have to put some foie gras in every dish!

houllie: Foie gras in every dish? Why, that truly is something to be thankful for!

Sis: Miss you!

Adele: That's the rumor. I'll let you know when I cook it on Christmas Day. However, I will say that the farm called me the day before Thanksgiving to make sure I had received my turkey okay. Which means I'll be ordering from them again no matter what that turkey tastes like.

Sarah: Hmmmm...hand-viscerated. Good question. Maybe when the intestines are removed by hand, there's less of a chance of them breaking and spilling crap all over the place. God, I never thought about that. I wonder how regular turkeys are eviscerated? Egg beaters?

Pam: It was a bit touch and go, but the eggs did make it up the stairs safely. Looking forward to our next blogger meetup.

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