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November 02, 2008



First of all I got my hands on some Mayflower beer which was delicious and brewed down in Plymouth MA. The Golden Ale - I highly recommend it.

And secondly I raise my glass of said beer to you for making it through without throwing in the towel. Especially when the garlic ran low. That would have done me in utterly.

Maybe I will raise two glasses. We get an extra hour of sleep tomorrow right?

Cheers friend.

Just out of curiosity... I didn't read all your menus, so I was wondering if you took advantage of having an EXCUSE to eat Fluffernutters??? I would have lived on them... :)

The OTHER Tammy: Fluff! That's right! Where were you last week?

Lily VS: Yes, raise as many glasses as you'd like. We don't get that extra hour of sleep. Kids wake up at the same time regardless of what the clock says.

Adele: Many thanks!

Your sources list looks a lot like mine, but longer! I had to claim a lot of exceptions to make it through the month (grains, legums, and condiments). It was still good to ratchet up my awareness level. It's entirely possible that my only change was switching from orange juice (Florida or Brazil) to apple cider (Carlson Orchards, Harvard, MA).

Kudos to you for being so dedicated, and doing so with kids to feed!

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