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November 14, 2008


It's better to have loved and lost than bla bla bla ...

Honey, you can borrow my Farm Boy anytime you like. Just pay the shipping costs from Jersey.

NurseJen: You're a true friend!

Everything: Absolutely.

forever? or just for the winter months? next to the first robin, he's like a sign of spring!

What, no squashpin bowling this year? But what will you do during the winter?!

Adele: That is a very good question. Maybe read. Clean the basement.

Courtney: Awwwww. But much like the first robin, I cannot cage him with this blog. The Internet isn't strong enough, for one thing. So this is my last Farmer post for the duration. My passion for local food, however, will live on (except, as I mentioned, this winter).

Blimey, it's the end of an era - I wasn't expecting this! Goodbye, farm boy...

But what are we going to do without the farmer?

I do understand though, I cancelled my weekly produce box, because I got fed up with eating the same thing week after week after week after week...

Inne: Oh, but I'm really going to miss the potatoes and the radishes and the celery root...Curses!

Helen: I'll miss him, too.

We almost didn't sign up for a winter CSA this year because of all the squashes. Then we thought about how long it is until next year's farmers markets and our summer CSA start back up. We've never belonged to a winter CSA before, but this year we heard about a convenient one that had space, and we're doing it!

yall crazy.

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