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October 14, 2008


Well! Nothing surprises me anymore, but hey, at least they didn’t come from “Everybody hates Brazilians”.
At least your “weirdo” (being a tad judgmental here) was thinking about love, with a pumpkin. But I praise him for that. My motto is "make love don’t make war" even if you have to use a pumpkin.

Talk about cold and unresponsive.

May be my first wife's latest husband.

I am not sure what's funnier, this blog or ntsc's comment!

You just made my day.

Alecto: It's comforting to know that I can throw all good judgment out the window and you won't hold it against me!

Kathy: ntsc's comment. Definitely!

ntsc: ...and I'm still laughing!

Anna: Ah, pumpkin love! You bring up a good point: hate crimes are unforgivable--much worse than crimes of the "heart." I just hope the squash gets something out of it.

You know you're being awfully sexist here. Who says this is about penetration? Could be all about the phallus. I'm just sayin'.

I love pumpkin, but have mercy! Gotta love the internet!

Look at you being all helpful though giving instruction for future pumpkin love searchers. You may start a new following!

Jess: Oh my god, it was YOU! You're the mystery Googler. Okay, let me try this again from a female perspective.

One word: delicata. No cooking required.

April in CT: I'm just saying that if someone had to choose between deflowering a squash and, say, an apple pie, please, for the love of all that is holy, leave my pie alone.

I took the liberty of having your dad's Internet access canceled for the next month or so.

I am suddenly overwhelmed by an incredible sense of relief at the fact that the item of produce most frequently associated with my blog is the kiwifruit. (Apparently a lot of people have no idea how to eat a kiwifruit.)

I don't think you can do anything obscene to a kiwifruit... not unless you're the intended target of all the enlargement spam, at least.

Pre-emptive: Too late!

I was going to add something obscene and funny, but Jess's comment and your response just about covered it. Yep.

We DO have a lot of extra squashes around here...


Husband: I'll be sure to make a lot of noise before entering the kitchen from now on.

Melissa: I'm very disappointed!

Dad: Hi Dad!! So...what's new?

Adele: I don't know, I wouldn't get too comfortable. I'm quite sure something kiwi-related will come up.

Pre-emptive: Goddamn those cable people! Don't they ever come when they're supposed to?

I came for amusement... and was satiated. Thanks :)

haha, your blog is hysterical!

Congrats on the ranking with that search term...:)

belated happy birthday! : ).

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