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October 16, 2008


SNAZZY!!! Way to go mom!

The milk crate mention reminds of a woman in our town who rides with her pug in one on the back of a scooter. I wish she'd put a little helmet on him or something though.

April: http://www.offleashstyle.com/item/The_Helmet/263/c71

Nice wheels, Tammy!

Does your mom know when my birthday is?

With the milk crate you'll be able to carry around the @#$%ing squash! (or is that
@#$%ed squash?)

=D =D =D

So glad you ended up with a new bike after missing out on that free one that day. Way to go Mom!

melch, that helmet is to freakin cute! Maybe I should print that out and tuck it in the milk crate next time I see that scooter at the store! She might sic that killer pug on me though for invading her scooter space.

Would it be wrong to put one on my dachshund while he's riding in the car? For safety reasons, of course.

April in CT: You should totally invade her scooter space. It's a public service.

Melissa: The ones on the street weren't nearly as cool as this one!

sunny12: I believe the latter term is correct.

CC: I've taken the liberty of adding you to the waiting list.

melch: Thanks. Nice helmets!

Cool bike! I had a recycled bike one time and it wasnt that cool, it looked great but weighed about 500 tons so was bloody hard work up even a small hill and only had 3 gears!

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