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August 29, 2008


Aw, I'm so sorry. I HATE it when things don't turn out.

Nothing makes me sadder than good food gone horribly wrong. So sorry...

I'm growing cayenne this year. Sounds like what you described.
Shoot, I've only eaten one fresh so far; we're drying the rest to grind up.
I'm guessing it was the mussels. Yeah, the mussels.

I'm sorry dinner didn't turn out well. I'm impressed that you posted about it at all - unless I have a disaster of truly epic proportions that could be funny if told well, I usually end up too depressed to write about a bad meal at all.

Adele: I was too mad not to write about it.

CC: At first I thought it was a bad mussel, but it wasn't the right kind of smell. It was more like what I imagine battery acid might smell like if you burnt a batch. Maybe I used too much? I was too afraid to taste the mussels in the steaming liquid. The ones above sea level were bad enough.

NurseJen: At least it didn't take long to make. And we weren't having people over.

Katie: Me, too. I don't think I've ever made anything that tasted so god awful.

I truly hate when that happens. You have my sympathy. Once I made a . . . oh, never mind, it's too depressing. Maybe I'll blog about it some day when I need a downer.

OK, I'm sorry you had to be the guinea pig but I'm happy to be forewarned. Maybe I'll just hang them with the beans in my kitchen and look at them all winter.

Damn, Tammy. Sorry it was that bad. That blows.

It does, however, remind me that I STILL have to make that mussel and chorizo soup I swiped off your page many moons ago. It's still on my weekly printout, but I'm waiting for the weather to be more Fall-like.

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