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July 19, 2008


Thanks for the laugh - "turn off the bacon" - rofl!!

Re 1: I intend to never find out whether I can live without the Internet; I had a high-speed connection at my Cape rental last week.
Re 2: I'm with you here; I showered in the outside shower (albeit with a door) every day and love-love-loved it. You forgot to mention the part about nothing to clean at the end of the week.

Welcome home!

Tammy! it's good to have you back!

The internet loooooves you. :D

I'm almost certain your kid meant "Turn down the bacon because I want it chewy not crispy" because no human could think about voluntarily being without the greasy yummyness. Either that or you have alien spawn on your hands. For that I'd contact Area 51.

Only have 2 months left until I get to go to the Cape, although when you live in Philly (used to be in CT, though! Down here for school.) no one understands that you don't mean Cape May. (EW!!!!)

Perhaps you should try having an open window in your bathroom shower. We have one that's high enough up that no one can see in and I'm constantly annoying my husband by opening it up.

Oh yeah, and I think he's told me to turn up the bacon.

You can have my showers. I'm not using them. I have trained myself not to sweat. That, and not having a life.

The only thing I can think of better than showering outdoors is showering outdoors while eating bacon (taking great care to keep the bacon out of the shampoo...)

NurseJen: So true. But then I'd have nothing to look forward to in my old age.

CC: You're so green, you make Kermit the Frog look positively Caucasian. (Thanks for the showers!)

Mary: Your husband is right. There's only one way to turn bacon, and that's up.

Deanna: Chewy, not crispy? Are you insane? Whoa, sorry! I got a little carried away there. But, ARE YOU INSANE? It must be crispy. CRISPY!

Sally: Thanks, Sally!

Karen: Yeah, but we had to leave the place broom-clean when we left. If I have to pick up a broom, I consider that cleaning. Yay for outdoor showers! Boo for the Internet. (Just kidding, Internet. Hold me.)

Holly: The Toddler told me to tell you he's here all week.

Glad to hear you showered. Cause I'll be seeing you in a few days.

"Turn off the bacon; I can't hear the birds singing."

If I could come up with lines like that, I'd have a Nobel Prize by now. Quick, patent that child!

Ditto and Amen on the outdoor shower!! Every time I have ever stayed at the beach, I think I enjoyed the shower as much as the beach. I seriously considered building one in my current non-beach house, but couldnt get the contractor (or my city-boy husband) to take me seriously.
Ah, someday.

My attempts at Internet Intervention:
1: Go to Scotland where you have to pay 2GBP for 30 minutes, timed with an egg timer. Discover single malt scotch, Loch Ness (no monsters), the North Sea (sssoooo ccccold), and that brits drown their lovely green salads in mayonnaise.

2: Go to the woods and camp with people who know the difference between a martini and a gibson. Discover new insects, low tolerance for jingle belts, and books (you know, the ones with pages you turn and drip martini sweat on).

Outdoor showers help with the DTs.

Unfortunately, our kindly neighbors fed and watered the cats. And administered hairball medicine. Both cats survived. Bah!

Don't you ever speak that way about the Internet again. If life goes on without it, it is certainly not one I wish to live.

Life without Internet.

Life. Without. Internet.

Does not compute.

(Child of the computer age - who, me?)

Adele: Was there even life BI (Before Internet)? There were spider webs, I guess.

*not*: Don't let its promises suck you in. They're lies. All lies. (Except my blog, which is a shining beacon of truth.)

Husband: Maybe next year will be your year.

Jess: Those are some good intervention ideas. I like the Scotland one a lot, but I'm wary of camping. Nature scares me. Though a gibson would probably help (I'll bring the pearl onions).

Michele: Press on. It's a noble cause.

Barry Foy: I wish I could come up with stuff like that, too.

Sis: Yay!!

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