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July 11, 2008


I wish we were going to the Cape on family vacation this year. We're going to Hilton Head. Like we always do. Locked in the same house with all my in-laws. It's fun.

Have a fun time Tammy! At least you get to go on a vacation. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen next month.

Oh, crap. You're painting over the oak.
Should I? It's so-o-o brown. But it's solid oak.
I'm on the horniness of a dilemma.
Happy Cape time!

Have a great time Tammy!

We do exactly the same thing, every year, year after year, except it's Hatteras because we seem to believe that driving eleven hours in the middle of the night with a boat load of maybe sleeping children so that we can swim in shark infested 80 degree water beats just about anything. Plus we're boring as all get out. This is year 37.

I would break in to only steal the cats. Oh, and maybe a standing mixer if you have one. I just saw that Kitchenaid is selling standing mixers in 16 gorgeous colours! Unf. they are a little out of my price range right now.

We are in the fourth week of what started as getting unused stuff out of the cabinets to free up space, oh and to put knobs on, oh and new hinges, oh and while the doors are down we can sand and paint, oh and ...

The project has now moved into my wife's office.


Bon Voyage! Thank god for people who don't post every day.

Heh. Have fun!

aforkfulofspaghetti: Thanks! I did!

Heather: I know. Those people suck. *cough*

ntsc: Oh, how I feel your pain. Looks like it's coming along nicely, though.

sunny12: Was that a promise? Also, there aren't any Kitchenaid mixers on the premises. Nope, not a one. At least not in a fancy color.

Alecto: I hate to tell you, but eleven-hour-drives and shark-infested waters don't even come close to boring. Try a two-hour-drive and minnow-infested waters that only come up to your knees unless you feel like walking a mile. Stop being so damned adventurous!

Melissa: Thanks! Why did it have to end?

CC: You have the benefit of learning from my potential mistakes. Hopefully, I'll have before and after pictures in a few weeks. Just promise me you won't tell me what you really think!

Sally: I can't wait to see the finished kitchen, too!

Mary: Sounds AWESOME!

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