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June 08, 2008


You're actually painting now? Damn! I better get moving!

I enjoyed taking down the ceiling fan and light fixture in the searing heat. Next time I'm leaving the fridge open to help with the air conditioning!

Makes me want to whip out the dropcloths and don my coveralls, just so I have an excuse to make sandwiches out of, um, radishes.

S and I were so happy you and the preschooler (darling!) could make it...although you left too soon! You missed out on all the 4 year old INSANITY. fun times. hope to see you soon.

Happy Neighbor: Boy, did I wander into the right yard. That steak was awesome! Thanks for having us.

Barry: Are you being sarcastic?

Husband: Thanks for taking the fan down. It's really hard to get the roller in between the blades fast enough.

Ann: You were counting on never having to lift a brush in this race, weren't you?

I'm probably too late with this advice, but I would suggest against painting anything in high heat and humidity. I speak from experience. The first room my wife and I ever painted (and by my wife and I, I mean, my wife), pocked and cracked and bubbled because it was too hot and sticky out to dry properly. At the very least, blast your AC.

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