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June 12, 2008


Very sad and I'm sorry to the preschooler, that's quite disappointing. I made the mistake of inviting the ladybugs in this last fall and they wintered in my bedroom and bathroom, there were hundreds of them. My husband is still horrified. However, after all that there's hardly a single one left for my garden.

If I was a ladybug and heard that story I'd hide from you, too...

Oh dear, death of a ladybug. Did you have a burial?

Thanks for all the CSA posts...very helpful. But God, I hate Chinese cabbage! (Did I do that right? I have half a head I don't know what to do with!)

Actually, I would assume that aphids reproduce at a pretty alarming rate (research needed), so you might say that the farmer is dealing with a whole lot more than just 350 extra aphids because of the death of this little guy. May have been a tragic misstep in your pursuit of his heart!

Okay, couldn't help myself, had to do a quick Google. Within just one week of being hatched, an aphid can produce 5 offspring per day, for up to 30 days. So your one little ladybug may have helped your farmer out more than you know. :)

Aww, poor ladybug. At least the boy isn't playing Angry Bees like I used to. (Angry Bees: take a jar, poke some holes in the lid, and catch as many bees/spiders/sow bugs as you can, then shake the jar. Yes, I come from Circumstances).

Oh dear. I had a ladybird (note that we have a much nicer name for them than you do) when I was about the Preschooler's age. I kept it in a matchbox but my mother persuaded me to let it go as ladybirds are nice... so I put it on my hand, said "ladybird ladybird fly away" and just as it flew upwards a bird swooped down and ate it. I hope the Preschooler forgives you sooner than it took for me to forgive my mother...

CaroB: Oh god, how traumatizing! What were the odds of that? P.S. The Preschooler managed to recover once we distracted him with a spittlebug. Foamy!

Heather: Is that how you ended up in your current profession? To make amends with nature?

Kara: A tragic misstep is right. Guess I'll return that wedding dress.

Whatacard: Perfect delivery. Unfortunately, I, uh, kind of really do hate bok choy. It's the one thing I didn't learn to love last year. The only thing. But I have some tips, so I'll keep you posted.

NurseJen: Good. I don't need anymore ladybug flashbacks.

Alecto: Where did they all go, I wonder?

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