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June 05, 2008


The path of true love never does run smooth (probably true for ladybirds too LOL!)

These Farmer posts crack me up. I have my own one-sided affair going on with The Pediatrician. What it be wrong for me to make an appoitnment with him and NOT bring the kids?

My own farmboy offers this comment: when you bring the ladybug back? cutoff jeans, flannel shirt open to reveal white tank top, baseball cap. He says it works every time...

Now, see, my farmer is this nice, little Jewish man. I just can't drum up the hots for him like you can. I just want to ruffle his baseball-cap-matted hair and say "Such a punum! Bubbele, hand me those snap peas!"

Jess: Every farmer has his own particular charms. Look harder.

NurseJen: I'm taking notes. Tell your farmboy thanks for the inside scoop!

Michele: I think that's perfectly in line, as long as you fill us in on all the juicy details on your blog.

Gillie: So true. Ah, but it will take more than a mere ladybug to come between the Farmer and I. He'll have to try a LOT harder than that.

I got this hilarious picture in my head of cheesy orchestral strings playing while you leap over the kids, barreling your way towards the farmer. Hehehe. You kill me Tammy.

I'm sure the Preschooler is doing well. How's the ladybug?
That is a funny one!

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