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May 19, 2008


*laughing* aye aye aye. I would love to know if it ever does air. I could give two shits about him having a stroke. I know. I'm a horrible person. Heh.

That is the funniest thing I have ever heard! Or maybe it's that you have super powers. You're the magic bullet, aren't you?!

To be fair, we PR people are pretty overrated.

Man this has got to stop! This is delaying my being "discovered". At 6......ahem, I mean 49, I only have about 15 or 20 good "leading Man" years left!

Oh man! I would have loved to see that piece. It's amazing the hard work that can go into a piece, only for it to end up on the cutting room floor in newtwork TV.

Quite different than my world of public access television where EVERYTHING gets played.

And the Kennedy comment? HILARIOUS!

Of course your fleeting moment of fame, forgettable as it would certainly have been, is more important than a man dying of a brain tumor. Indeed.

DocChuck: So, we agree, then.

Lizzie: Yeah, two days of shooting for a 45-second spot. Or 0 seconds, as the case may be.

Dad: Let's hope you get discovered soon. This luxury lifestyle you require is getting increasingly difficult to provide.

Retainers: I'm sorry you feel that way as you were my first choice.

Heather: Yeah. Be careful. Don't cross me.

Melissa: If it ever does air, I'll personally call you to let you know.

Just to butt in, Doc, when Tammy wrote this post it appeared that Senator Kennedy was okay - was being reported that it was "only" a seizure, not a stroke. This fact was being reported positively, as in "whew, it wasn't a stroke."

So I think that's what the news was when Tammy wrote this post.

ALERT: Yes, Susanna is right. At the time of posting, news was "Just a minor seizure. Prognosis good. Nothing to worry about." Current news is "Not a minor seizure. Prognosis BAD. Be very afraid." My apologies for what now seems like very poor taste. Timing is everything.

Susanna: Can I offer you a job?

in lieu of payment, send lemon cream.

One rarely has a siezure of that magnitude without a very serious underlying reason.

No one claimed he was "OK."

Thus, the original missive exceeded the bounds of human decency. Even I found it profoundly distasteful and that is quite telling.

DocChuck: If I offended even you, then at least there's a silver lining to my gaffe.

Susanna: Consider it done.

And people ask why I don't read fiction - you can't make this stuff up! Too funny.

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