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April 23, 2008


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Very creative! Seeing what you want to see is the very point of those inkblot thingies (it's called the Rorschach). Probably better not to analyze your responses though...

Heh. Your therapist must LOVE you!

Aforkfulofspaghetti: You're getting warmer!

Sandicita: The problem is that Rorschach was too good of an artist. Those cards were no challenge at all.

"Me: I must be gifted."

define "gifted."


I love that you saw one in color! I actually really enjoy those blots. Its intriguing to me to try to figure out what I see based on my mood.

Prettyneato: Yup, in color and three dimensions, too! I should check in an hour and see if it changes. Hopefully not.

Melissa: Touché!

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