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March 19, 2008


A 14lb bag of suet. Wow.

Years ago my Mom decided to make plum pudding for Christmas and sent Dad to Capital Foods in Dorchester for some suet. Dad couldn't readily find it so he asked an employee if they had any. The guy goes in the back and after a few minutes emerges and says to my dad "sorry buddy, no suet, but I have a nice cod."

Cracks me up every time. Suetfish.

And now I want french fries. Fried in suet.

Hmm. Perhaps the best way to make the suet justifiable is to get a group of friends together to relive the glory days of McDonald's French fries. They can chip in on the suet, too.

Mmm. Economically priced, crispy golden heart attacks. What more could you want? :)

I've heard you can make pie crust with suet. But I don't like pie, so I'm not experimenting.
You have a very smart little preschooler.

We can all thank the Planet Earth nature series from the BBC in which desert-dwelling donkeys are called "ass" by the narrator.

As a result, the other nite during a round of "Old MacDonald" before bedtime, the Preschooler volunteered "Wild Asses" as a resident of the farm.

"And on his farm he had some..."

"Wild Asses"

"Wild Asses" - LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You want some suet? Bettina has a TON of it in her freezer to make suet balls for the birds. I'm sure she would gladly part with some of it. She's been trying to get me to take some all winter long.

Just came across your blog. Great writing, love the punchiness!

This one made me laugh out loud. My mother calls donkeys asses just to be naughty, and I've told her this is going to come back and bite her on the, well, ass when her grandson calls someone an ass and said Grammy taught him.

It gets worse. :-)

Ass? Was that my grandfather talking? A few weeks ago we were visiting him and he was telling Izzy about an "ass". I told him not to use that word in front of Izzy(my preschooler)and he replied almost verbatim with the same words as your preschooler!

love your preschooler stories hehehehe. :)

Melissa: Without him, I'd have no blog.

Izzy's mama: My grandmother always uses the word ass, too. As in "pain in the ass." Of the non-donkey variety.

Ann: I'm so very sure you're right.

Susanna: It's almost as if our parents are trying to get us back for something!

Eugenia: Welcome and thanks!!

Sally: But then it would cost $14 just to ship it. Although, now that you mention it, we do have suet for the birdfeeder. Maybe I'll just pick all the seeds out of it.

Husband: Somehow David Attenborough manages to make the word ass sound so dignified.

Mary: I know lard makes delicious pie crusts! But, did you just say that you don't like pie??

Adele: You just might be on to something!

Lily VS: Suetfish! Sounds scrumptious.

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