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March 16, 2008


Oh man - I ALWAYS miss the party! I am meating up (yeah, pun, I am laaaaame) with Aidan in JP tomorrow to get my ham.

Ahh sheesh, I can't believe I missed it. :(

Mmmmmmmmm bacon......

HAHAHA! Meat popsicle! I have 3 packages of bacon in the freezer. It was really on sale. I never though of sucking on them. I swear you're brilliant.

I don't think we have meat shares here, but my group of friends and I put our name in for a cow this week. So when our little cow gets bigger we're each getting a quarter of a cow. Yay! (seriously we have a delay because our cow isn't big enough.)

I just noticed that you updated the sidebars of the site! When did that happen? Bet it happened like a month ago and I'm just noticing now. I like all the new links, but I think I'm going to miss the "Ask the pseudo-chef" questions.

There's a meat CSA? With pickup in Brookline?

Huh. I guess I know where I'm getting my meat next year.

I joined the CSA. They don't offer meat, sadly. I guess I could always join ANOTHER one. Just more cursing to send your way when I get all overwhelmed. :-)

Hey, so how was the new farmer?

OK, so what is it with you and these farmers? We didn't get bacon in our share. He is soooo flirting with you!

It was great to meet you and Preschooler (hope he enjoyed his cookie - my treat from Clear Flour was the only thing keeping me from tearing into the meat-sicles myself.)

So, I'm guessing this is my brush with fame. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't get you to autograph my computer!

Andrea: That shouldn't count as your brush with fame. I'm not even famous within my own household! No perks at all. But I'm sad you didn't get bacon.

Ann: The new farmer is nice. Really chatty and friendly. Apparently, I'm only tongue-tied around one specific Farmer. Congrats on joining your CSA!!

Adele: Indeed there is. The secret password is: meat-sicle.

Sandicita: I just updated last week, so you're well within the recommended time frame for noticing. Thanks! I may add the Pseudo-Chef questions back. I haven't gotten many new ones in a while, and thought it might be getting kind of boring.

Mary: A quarter cow! Excellent. A few extra tastes of springtime might make for a happier, more delicious cow.

Lily VS: If I had known it would be such a sidewalk party, I would have invited you! Next time. In the meantime, enjoy your ham!

I am sure you recall that I am a PhD, but I was also a REAL farmer for quite some time on a rather ramshackle place in upstate New Yawk that my wife inherited some years back.

Makes me chuckle when I read about yuppies and their CSAs and their designer hams and organic microgreens.

Their soft hands, pedicured feet and slender backs will never know the JOY of working the land, and thus they will never fully appreciate the overpriced yuppy CSA products hawked in urban parking lots.

DocChuck: How could I possibly forget a Renaissance man such as yourself? I may have a slender(ish) back and soft(ish) hands, but I sure know a good thing when I see it. I'm afraid a lack of appreciation isn't my problem.

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