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March 31, 2008


Can this be translated somehow to a lucrative lawsuit?

At a minimum you've got to call the editors there and tattle on the reporter who conjured up that quote.

The best part is when you go to the community website and see the posts about special needs kids and their sports leagues, etc.

Shame on you Tammy!

Husband: I know, stupid kids and their sports. What's even funnier is that I totally deserve it. I can think of several occasions on this very blog when I put words in people's mouths without their permission! Like you. Isn't revenge sweet!!!

They probabably got it from the comments on my post:


ouch! I was going to ask what you did to him but then I followed the link to Universalhub.com and now maybe we just feed them to your farmer's pigs? Does he have pigs? If not, I know one who does...

Alecto: The reporter was really apologetic and is making amends. But my dreams of a glorious Boston Globe debut, I'm afraid, can never be reclaimed.

adamg: That explains it, then. Who would expect there to be two different food bloggers in Boston named Tammy? Not me. Honest mistake. Plus, you don't usually find too many Tammys outside of a strip club setting.

I was trying to figure out what you had against 8th graders! :)

Nothing like having your debut and tripping over the hem of your dress. Maybe the amends will be worthwhile?

Then again, they may read these comments and write a retraction that says, Sorry, Tammy D. is not a Boston food blogger, but a local stripper.

Wait a second, I just realized that blog comments pass for news content now. (waving) Hi, Boston Globe, it's me, andrea!

Damn. And she basically got every single thing wrong. Foodwriters plural. And phrased as if F on the F is a freelance foodwriters collective. Sorry about this.

I happen to have reached the pinacle of all design in my life in 8th grade. For 9th grade I was sent to parochial schools and began the long slow decline. And the Boston Globe can quote me on that. ;)

Mary: I have to agree with you. "Eighth grade was a veritable sunburst of creativity for me, probably in inverse proportion to the hideousness of the Junior High School social experience." -- Tammy D., local stripper.

Susanna: I guess if you count my multiple personalities, it is a collective.

Andrea: Now I'll have to focus my efforts on my Boston Herald debut. I'll be sure to tuck my skirt into my underwear on my way up to the podium.

Okay, now I feel bad. The reporter handled it with lots of class. Who hasn't made a mistake ever? But I'm still stripping on Friday night. Should I wear my contacts, do you think?

Actually, I peaked artistically in Grade 4 when I won my town's annual Dental Poster Contest (to promote brushing, etc) and got my picture in the paper.

By 8th grade I was washed up.

uhm you feel bad cause she was so apologetic?!I don't freakin think so! Since when does investigative journalism include simply reading comments and then using them as a cite? Goodness knows it was too much trouble to click through? What the hell has become of journalism is really pathetic...
And no~ you should wear your glasses, put your hair up in a bun, and go for the whole prude librarian look. Then you get brazen when the music kicks into high gear. Works like a charm.

That's so funny - I actually saw that quote in the Globe!
Um, congratulations?

What, exactly, are you trying to say here? Are you too damn GOOD to be grossly misquoted, possibly in a career-destroying way, by the Boston Globe?

You really should fight the other food-blogging Tammy. I hate her so much. If you could work a good Tammyfight into your stripping, even better.

Hey now... no fighting! I actually did post that comment on UH, but don't even remember doing it. I think I was just half joking, after taking an initial peak at the new site. I definitely support the community -- as you can see by my other posts. Since when is it okay to take COMMENTS off a blog and use them as a quote??? First of all, ANYONE could have posted that comment and said they were me. Second of all, It's a COMMENT... I would have never said something like that on my blog. Lesson learned...

The Other Tammy: I'm afraid there WILL have to be a fight now to defend my honor. Details TK.

TammyFight!: I'll see what I can do. That might be a little like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. I'm not the best multi-tasker.

Barry: No, what I'm saying is at least post a link to my blog so the Little Leaguers can text me hate mail: “UR SITE SUX 2 4Q”

Pyewacket: Thanks! Let's throw a parade in my honor.

Tempered Woman: You seem to know a lot about this. Glasses: check. Bun: check. I guess I better start working out or something. You think two days is enough?

Husband: Don't sell yourself short. I detect at least a 10th grader's sensibilities in your work.

Alright, let's get past this stripper thing! There are people who read this blog who know you're my daughter! Geez, as if "Wrong Way Donroe" isn't enough to live down!!

Dad: That's true, I wouldn't want to tarnish your good name with my stripping.

Mr. Donroe, sorry I suggested your daughter take part in stripping. It was really for the good of the food-blogging community more than any desire to see her strip while fighting another blogger named Tammy. Honest. In fact, I think it was all out of context.

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