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January 24, 2008


thank you so much for these links. I had posted part 1 on my personal blog last year (before I started my cooking one, which would have been more appropriate. but I had no idea the other two slideshows were out there. this kind of stuff is fascinating to me as a foodie, and as a student of sociology and world culture. thanks again~

That was stunning, thank you.

That is so fascinating! What a striking contrast between the different cultures.So much packaged food there, in the obvious and less obvious places I thought.

This was really interesting. I was shocked by the differences in the amounts of processed food versus whole foods. I also was shocked at the different amounts different cultures spend on food.

It's a real eye opener.

Agreed. I really noticed the soda. So much soda everywhere (Mexico, Italy). I know it all varies from family to family, but India and Guatemala had beautiful spreads.

I was really struck by the families in Chad, Ecuador, Bhutan, and Mali. It was really interesting to see the differences in native diets. Is it any wonder there are so many allergies when you mix up the gene pool?

This definitely is a great link. Thanks for it. I couldn't help noticing that the Melanson family of Iqaluit in Canada's Nunavut Territory (in Part II) have what has to be the all time greatest melange of traditional and modern dishes in their "favorite foods" list: "narwhal, polar bear, extra cheese stuffed crust pizza, watermelon."

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