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January 27, 2008


Ham steak looks divine! Might try to find me some of that...as that saying goes, eternity is a ham and 2 people.

Ugly? No!! But so ambitious. Everything looks fabulous. I's like to try something that I can set on fire on purpose.

Su-Lin: Hiya. I'd never heard that saying, but it's true. There is a such thing as too much ham.

Brenda: Don't be fooled. This was a truly easy meal. Four minutes a side on the ham. Three minutes to extinguish the sauce. Fifteen minutes for the parsnips, if you count the slicing. And the potatoes just sat in the oven for an hour. It was like a day at the spa. (Actually, I have no idea, having never been to a spa.)

What a fabulous meal Tammy! You the boss!!

OHH. I love hame steak. It's been forever since I have had it because I haven't really searched for a local provider. Your recipe sounds amazing! I'll have to try the parsnip recipe. I am always looking for good vegetable recipes.

Are parsnips rich in some sort of obscure-but-vital mineral that might be lacking from my diet? The ham looks delicious, but the mere thought of mustard-glazed parsnips makes my mouth water.

(Idle thought: could one make parsnip chips and use the mustard glaze as dipping sauce?)

No idea what a ham steak is, but it sure looks delicious Tammy. And those parsnips... Have marked the recipe for that. Can't wait to read how your sauerkraut is turning out.

Ham steak and French toast have been a Saturday morning tradition here from as long as Saturday mornings have existed. Never thought of putting a bourbon sauce on it, though. Still, any way to add alcohol to my day has got to be good.

Brian: French toast. That's what this meal was missing!!

Inne: Sauerkraut, right. I should probably check it.

Adele: That is a stroke of brilliance. I hope the farmer has more parsnips this week. I may have to give it a shot.

Belle: Rarely does quick and easy turn out so awesome.

Sally: That's true. I am the boss. I wish I paid myself a living wage.

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