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January 25, 2008


I'm here for Grandpa's hairdo. rrowr! Just how much pomade is that?

I think it's neat how you include so much personal family history.

Every single post I read of yours, I end up cracking up!

Well, at least you're finally getting freaking published! We've been waiting for the goshdarn thing long enough. Dimmit. (Clean enough? Shit.)

Sally: It's not a done deal by any stretch, so don't jinx it.

Kristen: Are you drunk, by chance?

Mary: I find that kind of stuff fascinating. Glad I'm not the only one.

Jess: I guess now that my female readership has surpassed my male readership, I should be focusing more on hot grandfathers. Can I interest you in a handlebar mustache?

Handlebar mustache? I'm interested....;-)

"Hot Appalachian grandmother" is in no way an oxymoron, honey.

Where are your Appalachians from?

(You might be interested to know that there are quite a few Appalachian Italians in the world.)

Rebecca: Very good to know! I'll be looking forward to all the extra Google hits I'll get for "hot Appalachian grandmother." My family is from Price's Fork, VA and Pike County, KY. And you're in WV? Your blog is great. Gorgeous masthead.

Helen: You are a woman of impeccable taste.

do appalachians really talk like that?
yer darn tootin. loud and proud. :)

Hey, thanks! That's my Appalachian kitchen window... Price's Fork isn't far from here at all -- I go down that way to shop at the adorable old-school Blacksburg Food Coop sometimes. (I'm in Monroe County, the southeasternmost county in WV.)

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