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December 11, 2007


Squash-stuffed squash?

It might need a catchier name, something along the lines of turducken. Hubbarbutterlicata? Delinutterbard?

Never mind. It appears that I have no talent for creating clever new portmanteaus.

Of course, there's always squash ravioli. :)

Adele: YOU'RE RIGHT! Let's start brainstorming. I don't know about you, but I'll be getting NO sleep tonight.

I grew up on acorn squash. Strictly. But that's another story. Delicata supplied by my CSA are awaiting. New to me, but now that I know they don't need peeling, they'll be pulled into the rotation shortly.
Congrats on your nominations. You're a funny lady with funny friends and family.

My step Dad takes the hubbard out back with a Sawz-All. That sucker is harder to get into the a coconut or El Bulli in season.

Congrats on your nomination!

Having recently cracked into a Hubbard for the first time, I'm happy to report that it wasn't actually that hard -- certainly no tougher than other winter squashes, just bigger. Also lots of empty space in there (well, full of giant seeds, but empty of squash-flesh).

Adele, that's exactly what I was thinking! I like "Hubbarbutterlicata" - it sounds delicious and buttery.

Two words: spaghetti squash .

When you figure out what the heck to do with it, I look forward to detailed suggestions. I have two, cranium-sized hubbards in my squash basket, awaiting desctruction and consumption!

Kim: I was afraid someone was going to ask me that.

Joey: Are you suggesting that I stuff my Hubbard squash with 27 lbs. of spaghetti? Or are you trying to add another variety of squash to my endless pile? If it's the latter, then forget it.

Melch: Agreed. I couldn't come up with anything better than that.

Joe: This is good news. Another local blog? How have I never come across yours before?

Jo: How about we hurl that Hubbard through the window of El Bulli. That should open up some tables (and the squash, too, with any luck). Anyone have a cannon?

Brenda: I think you meant to say *funny-looking.*

I bought one lousy acorn squash. It was delicious. And I can't get more until all the other varieties I thought I loved are gone, which is going to be never. In fact I think they have set up house in my pantry and are multiplying.

Two words for you: "Squash Muffins"
More cake-ish than breakfast-ish, even squash-haters love those gorgeous muffins. They'll be buying up industrial-sized bags of squash to drop at your door, begging for "spontaneous baked goods" and bringing round friends to taste the vegetable miracle... Maybe I should actually share the recipe? :)

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