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December 10, 2007


I found your blog just a few days ago after doing a search for other Boston-area blogs. I've hardly stopped laughing. (I'm particularly fond of the posts in the "Reasons Not To Read My Blog" category.)

Congratulations on your two nominations! I just can't help but feel that you would have had a third (Best Blog Post) if only you had featured your extremely talented and interesting Dad more often. Oh well, live and learn. Hopefully you won't make that mistake again!

As a fellow nominee in the Family/Kids section, I had to stop by to congratulate you!
I have kids...and I also featured a snickers martini on my site a week or so ago. Hmmmmm...not real kid friendly there either :) With your swearing and my alcohol, the kids of the future are sure to be nice and screwed up :)
Congrats to you. Love your blog!

I found your blog BECAUSE of the food blog nominations and I heartily agree on the humor nom. funny you should say that about yourself - I never think I am funny, but have other people tell me so from time to time. who knew?

but really, I love your blog. and I'm glad to have found you through those awards. :)

I second Disinterested Observer's comment. More "Dad " posts.

I'm just glad I'm NOT a flog (food + blog). I'd buckle under the pressure. Congratulations kid - you deserve it. (Hi Dad!) (and Joey)

Oh, come on. Vomit is funny!

I knew you were funny the day you used "circumlocutive" to describe a meandering poli-sci professor's rambling lectures. Except I just looked up "circumlocutive" and it's not word. Which means I remembered it wrong, and have since dropped it in conversation in a failed attempt to sound smart.

Oh well. Congrats on the nominations. Richly deserved. Remember your pals from Carmichael Hall when you hit the big time ...

Hater: God, that professor was the worst. Cut to the chase, man. We're paying like five dollars a minute for these stooooopid lectures. Anyway, that's probably why I started making up words. To pass the time. And now I blog. Looks like the joke's on me.

CC: Vomit humor just never gets old.

Sally: Oh, I'm buckling, all right. Stupid blog. Be. More. Funny.

Joey: It's almost as if you two were related.

Melissa: Thanks so much. Come back soon!

Kristen: Snickers martini? I declare you to be the winner of our category!

Dad: Well, your fans have spoken. We'll see what I can scrape together.

Adele: Another local! Welcome and thanks for your nice comment.

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