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November 25, 2007


My confession of the night is that I seriously have to force myself to hold off on winter squash. I really like it, but get really, really tired of it. So in fact I have two in the kitchen right now but I am waiting for as long as humanly possibly to consume them because I know I will have a few months to er, enjoy, them.

The Squashbringer...

We are eating a lot of squash these days. I bet they would look good suspended in the bushes out back.

Just kidding Tammy!

(not really)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Monsant/rapist connection! On the surface it's just a great stab, and upon deeper thought, it's the perfect metaphor for what they are doing to our earth. Awesome connection there. Hmmm....you bring up a very good point about suing your kids and grandkids. I'll have to ponder that some more :)

Bri: I'm fearful of where this genetic modification stuff is going and who gets to hold the key to life in its various altered forms. Too many questions and not a single answer in sight.

Husband: You're totally not kidding at all.

Jen: Yup. Love it, too...in moderation. We've eaten 8 squashes in under two weeks. That's a lot of squash.

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