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November 28, 2007


I wish I had access to the kind of veggies that you do! All of those dished sound great...I am going to have to try the turnip gratin.

Mmmm, red cabbage with caraway seeds and cider vinegar. On a braunschweiger sandwich – my favorite. Your pictures aren’t crappy. They make me hungry! I have ½ a pig headed my way in a few days . I think I’ll try the cabbage with a nice thick pork chop.

Great article Tammy! I can totally relate to the eating so many veggies, you qualify as a vegetarian...except that I am a vegetarian. What I mean is that even as a vegetarian, you can get a way with a very unhealthy diet of starch and fat. But lately, we've been eating more and more chock-full-o'-veggies meals with nary a spaghetti to be found. Feels good huh? I don't have a CSA, but it sounds like it really makes you face any fears you have about "scary" vegetables (brussels sprouts, turnips, rutabagas, etc.) Looks you guys are really eating well, and finishing up all those veggies...just in time for 40 more pounds.

Funny, I cooked red cabbage last week too! Had a sudden craving for an old French recipe.

You know, I come over here specifically to lose my mind over food and you have never disappointed. What unbearably beautiful and awe inspiring vegies you post! I want I want I want! (and off I go to the market)

I'm never going to let my husband see your blog and the meals with multiple items on the plate. He'd never eat at home again. Seriously, I can't wait to make the brussel sprouts. Thanks!

Katrina: Don't think I go to such lengths everyday.

Alecto: I'll disappoint you, yet. Happy shopping!

Bea: 'Tis the season.

Bri: Seriously, though, do you want some squash?

Brenda: The cabbage really does go well with pork. I'm jealous of your half pig.

Sarah: I hope you do end up making the turnip. That poor vegetable gets no respect.

You bet! I'm buying it every week for some new creation or other. Yum!

Note to self - do not read Food on the Food whilst hungry and/or a little tipsy! Your photos are great and apparently my stomach agrees 100%

Latkes?? Is that what I was supposed to do with daikon radishes from my farmer? The ones in the bottom of my fridge met a much unhappier fate. I guess there is always next year.

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