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November 14, 2007


Ummm..a monkey?

Yeah, didn't the Indians have the monkeys tamed by the time the Spaniards invaded Massachusetts? How does Thanksgiving work again?

I believe the monkeys carried the smallpox that decimated the native american guests at the first Thanksgiving.

Monkeys and turkeys also have a very symbiotic relationship in the wild.

I always think of monkeys also. When I was a kid , The Wizard of Oz was on TV every year on Thanksgiving and those flying monkeys made quite an impression. I always think of turkeys and monkeys. And Toto, too.

Joey: Interesting. He's never actually seen the Wizard of Oz, specifically because of those freaky flying monkeys that still give me nightmares. But I really think we're onto something here. Think crispy monkey wings.

Husband: That explains everything.

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