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November 09, 2007


I *love* thumb print cookies, and I love coconut...so...it looks like you've given me the perfect recipe for those two taste sensations! I will have to make these. Thanks for the inspiration! I have some amazing fig orange jam that is just begging to be used in this cookie. I love the idea of the toddler sucking out the jam, only to discover the vessel wasn't half bad. I followed your link and read about your tragic cutting room floor fate. I promise to continue to eat locally, even though your piece won't air. Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful family recipe with us. :)

Welcome, Bri and Anh. They're yummy.

I made this today. So yummy! I will post some photos on my web site. Thanks!

I made these for a potluck today and they were great! I also made a few modified cookies for the three one year olds who were there. For them, I skipped the coconut (it would stay in their mouths for hours) and used blueberry applesauce instead of the jam to avoid the seeds. They were a hit! Thanks for the recipe.

Ok, so I know you posted this recipe ages ago, but I made these cookies for my roommates last night and they were fantastic. A tiny bit too crumbly, so next time I think I'll mix the dough more thoroughly before forming it into balls, but still delicious. Thanks!

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