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August 06, 2007


The lil guy loved all manner of smushed veggies and fruit when he was a baby. I should know because I made most of his baby food myself using our food mill and a potato masher. He loved peas and corn and lots of other things once he started feeding himself. As he got older, he whittled these down to zero, and has been *very* slowly adding things back onto the list:

Apple (chunks or applesauce)
Blueberries (as of yesterday)

I have been sneaking smushed banana into his breakfast yogurt. If food is in a yogurt-like form he is more likely to give it a try. If it is green, you can forget it!

Wait until I tell the other martians about this! By only eating candy bars, we don't know what we missed!

Now to think of all the things to mix with blueberries...

And yet again I'm given a couple mental images to snicker at all day--the glaring toddler and the frantic peach hunter.

Now I think I'll go back to sipping my peach tea.

Jim: Peach tea, huh? Thanks for rubbing it in.

Sandi: Well, wouldn't you know it, he refused to touch the blueberries today. Complete cold shoulder. Why does this surprise me?

Robolad: Wait until I tell you about gooseberries! Your martian friends are going to FREAK.

Husband: It must be the yogurt that is keeping him alive.

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