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August 14, 2007


In spite of all the mint talk, I find myself craving peach ice cream after reading this. Even though mint has always been one of my favorites (though like The Toddler, I prefer mine with hunks of chocolate, and without flecks of plant). I'm sad I live too far from JPLicks to justify a quick trip tomorrow. I'm taking a field trip to explore White Farms ice cream up in Ipswich on Saturday, we'll see what it has to offer in the way of competition.

wait, i thought the toddler was eating nothing but ketchup??? and how did the clear winner for the toddler emerge exactly? was it based on how much made it into his mouth?

I like lemon.

Preschooler: Pipe down, son.

Sunny12: Oh yeah, the update. He will now only eat ketchup, applesauce, cashews, and pickles. Apparently, I gave birth to a pregnant woman. He will eat almost any kind of ice cream, but he rarely gets to have it since he rarely eats his meals!

Susanna: Keep me posted. That's the great thing about ice cream competition. Everybody wins!

Must..try...mint. I've always preferred a more intense, real mint flavor to the sicksweet green stuff most people pass off as mint chocolate chip. So if this ditches the chocolate chips altogether to deliver that flavor...I can deal.

Something tells me I'm not gonna be importing ice cream from Bahston any time soon, though. Cursed geography foils me again!

Hey, why doesn't JP Licks send ME any ice cream?? For that matter, I think they owe me frequent flier miles, at the least. I would guess at least two pounds of my ample derriere is maple butter walnut...

Pyewacket: Ample derriere, my ass.

Jim: My favorite ice cream growing up was mint chocolate chip (the really sweet fake kind) (made by Brigham's in the South Shore Plaza, not that you care) in a sugar cone with jimmies. But, nostalgia aside, this was better.

FYI for those of you not from the Northeast US, "jimmies" are chocolate sprinkles.

And the mint stuff did indeed rock. Even with the pesto tooth effect.

When do I start getting free stuff from my food blog?

Oh right, I guess I would have to actually POST to have that happen.

Missed you! Have not been cooking OR reading blogs (my bloglines got up to 452 unread food blog post and I got intimidated, so I hit mark all read!) But now I'm back!

Tammy, while I was always a little snob when it came to ice cream ("mommy, get Breyers!" evolved into "mommmy, get Haagen-Dasz!"), a friend of mine had your preference. To the point where, when her older sister took her to a classy ice cream place for some "real" mint, she complained the ice cream wasn't "geen" enough!

Husband, I knew I recognized that term from SOMEWHERE--thanks for clearing it up!

Jim: Regarding jimmies, you get no street cred around here if you call them chocolate sprinkles. Given your name, it shouldn't be too hard to remember.

Heath: Welcome back. We missed you.

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