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July 31, 2007


I used to joke with my British husband, the man to whom anything placed between two crusts is good eating, that I went to Cambridge and we are 20K poorer because I needed to learn to make pie crust.
It's still hit or miss on the execution, but I'm great on theory!

Give me savory anyday.

I dunno, I've always found dishwashing soothing. But since I usually had no choice but to wash dishes, maybe that evolved as a defense mechanism.

Jim: What a handy defense mechanism. My defense mechanism is to cry. It gets the dishes wet, but that's about it.

Jo: I can do American pies, oddly. Sometimes, Italian pies. But call it French and put it in a tart pan, and I'm screwed every time.

Your tart is sooo beautiful sooo where's the recipe? sorry i couldnt find it.. I stumbled upon your web site looking for tomato diseases? weird but im glad i found you, Im a foodie and love cookbooks too always looking for new recipe with lots of flavor and spices, thank you p.s. my diswasher is broken too such a bummmmer..

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