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April 29, 2007


What I found somewhat amusing about this whole pet food scandal is that the two people in my life who hate the cats the most (my mother and my best friend) were the first ones to alert me about the bad pet food, whereas my friends who actually have cats never even mentioned it!
I wonder what a cat sundae would look like? For one cat it would be a mountain of cheese and butter, and for the other it would be all catnip all the time.

HAR! But if he got rid of the cats who would catch the mice? Ohh..


I wouldn't characterize me as having been "edgy". I was more jealous of the (un)lucky pet owners whose cats were now pushing up daisies. This jealousy was reinforced this weekend when one of the cats threw up on our new couch. Finding partially-dried piles of cat vomit around the house has become a weekly event.

Ahhhh...NOW I remember what I didn't like about having cats! Thanks Husband. Unfortunately the contamination involved many manufacturers and I'm not sure which food could be safe. I'm feeding my boys more and more "home-made" doggy foods. Bet the cats would like that too!

Sally: One of our cats enjoys cleaning up the floor after the kids eat, much like a dog would. That's about the only use she has.

Husband: Come to think of it, there has been extra vomit lately. They need to increase the concentration of the poison, I think.

Lisa: Maybe I can convince the mice to get rid of the cats?

Sunny12: For one of my cats, her ideal sundae would be a mountain of dairy (doesn't matter what kind) spiked with tuna juice, sprinkled with popcorn, and garnished with a fish stick or two. No wonder she's always vomiting.

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