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April 18, 2007


Yeah, it took a long time to get used to skim. I can stick with it just so long as I don't drink whole and remember what real milk tastes like!

Wait, YOU'RE drinking skim now, too? Traitor.

I went back to whole milk recently. When I started making yogurt. Can't for the life of me figure out why I was all 2% for so many years. It's not bad but (sshhh!) whole milk is way better.
Maybe you could make other sacrifices.
Well, I should shut up. Tomorrow I'm going to be all over you with Eat Local advice.

Let me jump the gun by noting that I saw a turkey strutting across the lawn of Longwood Towers yesterday. A delicious urban turkey.

Seetipper: I'm on it.

CC: Please don't tempt me. I'm weak.

I comment despite your strictures!

But I don't really have anything to say, besides spewing defiance.

It was all a ploy anyway to get higher comment numbers. HA HA, defiant one!

I've been able to source all of the following locally (local here being defined as "New England", which is closer to a 450 mile radius than a 250, though only a few things come from upper Maine): fish, shellfish, pork, lamb, beef, chicken, milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese, soybeans, other dried beans, lentils, dried mushrooms, fresh mushrooms, wheat flour, corn meal, fresh and dried herbs, all sorts of vegetables and fruirts (fresh and in season), dried apples, honey, maple syrup, vodka, hard cider, and wine. Guide to sources is here: http://www.newenglandgrown.com/pages/localfoodguide.html
Email me if you want more suggestions. It will take a lot of cooking and planning, some thinking outside the box, and probably a bit of weight loss if you eat a lot of carbs. But I can suggest some good meals if it would help.

Funny, I came across your Seasonal Cook blog yesterday (after I wrote this stuff) and saw that you participated last year. I was very impressed. Especially with all of the mileage listed.

Thanks for reminding me about your link. I was psyched to find all manner of local dried beans at Russo's, but it's the vodka group that's been worrying me lately. Glad I can rest at ease!

I'm sure you'll be receiving a desperate e-mail from me in the near future.

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