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April 22, 2007


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So give me his number! easy to tell us to con him into SHARING if you don't give us his number...bad friend as well...hmm.....

Your Dad is quite a guy! A real class act! As an impartial and totally objective reader of this blog, I find your posts about your Dad to be the most interesting. You should do more.

I don't remember actually giving you the coplets! As I recollect, I was just starting to tell you that I needed them back when you snatched them up, ran to the kitchen, threw them into the freezer and barred the door with a triple gauge, industrial strength padlock. All before my sentence was completed! I was amazed! I hadn't seen you move that fast as a member of the High School track team!

Boy, that Disinterested Observer is sharp as a tack, isn't he?

Gee, how did Disinterested Observer's name get associated with my last response? Tammy, you really need to get the glitches ironed out of your comments section.

Dad: I don't think there's a future for you in international espionage. But, if anyone's looking for a pastry chef...

Ilva: Bad friend, bad wife, the list goes on.

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