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April 04, 2007


Cookie crumb crust?

Go Dad! You the man!

Maybe this will help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protein_folding

or perhaps this: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/fold.php

just a thought...

Alright, alright, let's not get carried away here! I learned to make ONE thing and ONE thing only. That's it for the remainder of this decade and the next! I can recognize a tactical error when I make one. After all, the more things I make myself, the less Tammy will have to make for me and the less I'll have to complain about! We simply can't have that!

well, if you were only going to learn one thing, chocolate mousse cake is a good. you can buy a lot of friends with that (as I discovered when I made the cake for my birthday).

What happened to being the birthday boy and having a cake made for you? Chocolate Mousse is a big step for a beginner.

That was a big first step for a non-cook. Very brave. Congratulations on acquiring beaters, too.

Squeezy, Sandi, Sunny12, Sally: Agreed. I'm majorly impressed.

Dad: Thou shalt always have something to complain about. Isn't that a Commandment?

Tim: Believe it or not, it never even occurred to me to link. So thanks for those. I'm a disgrace to the Internet.

CC: I'm sure you'd bake into a delicious pie, but then what would I read?

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