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March 14, 2007


I can tell, what with the brilliance of the "experts" involved, that they've thoroughly thought this through and have a steadfast plan to execute.

I'm sure that they've already lined up the replacement parents for said freaks, and that these replacement parents have all been properly trained in parenting, nutrition, and child psychology (you know, to curb the trauma part of being fat, and displaced).

I'm sure they've also lined up the funding to pay for the removal and re-placement of said freaks (including the issuance of a large supply of back support belts... you know... due to the fact that the kids will probably put up a fight... and they're porkers).

I heard that Wendy, Ronald and Jack I.T. Box are some of the biggest sponsors, with more expected from our chihuahua loving friends just south of the border...

While their at it, they should remove stupid children from the care of their parents, because clearly that's the fault of the parents as well. Stupidity should also be nipped in the bud early, as these stupid children run the risk of becoming tomorrow's U.S. presidents and/or "experts" on BBC news...

I'm so angry, I can't think of anything to say. Witty or otherwise. People stink. Wait - there are no doubt some stinky children out there that need to be removed from their parents IMMEDIATELY.

I think what they're trying to get at is the apparent inability of the parents to bring themselves to offer the kids decent food and how the kids won't accept it when they do.

A while ago I watched on BBC news about a school in the UK that had banned vending machines and instituted healthy lunches and the parents were actually buying the kids fries from the shop down the road and delivering them to school because they said (and I quote), 'our kids shouldn't have to eat that crap', meaning the fruit, vegetables, yoghurt and brown bread now offered in the canteen. It's a big problem.

Part of it stems from an 'entitlement culture' - my child is entitled to eat whatever they want and 'so what' to anyone who says otherwise, and the NHS can pay to fix them when they get too fat to walk because that's what they are there for.

Part of it stems from that junk food is, as always, cheaper to manufacture and sell than healthier food, so bingo! of course poorer families buy it.

But part of it does stem from pure stupidity, and a good deal of negligence or just laziness to try and change things. I won't even go into the lack of exercise in schools/neighbourhoods.

I was a fat kid (not in the UK), but my problem was purely eating too much. There are kids who know when to stop and there are kids who don't, and if the parent in charge does what the kid wants when the kid is one of the latter, it can be a disaster.

Not that I agree that the state should intervene, but there should definitely be some responsibility taken on the part of the parents for some of these incredibly obese children. (By incredibly obese, I mean BMI in the +45 range at age 9.)

Good comment, Ash. Thanks for it. Parents are a child’s best advocates, so I think there’s no denying a huge responsibility on the part of parents. What gets me viscerally, though, is the state wanting to micromanage people’s personal lives to that degree.

When you don’t know much about nutrition and didn’t grow up farming, it’s not always easy to get into a healthy lifestyle pattern when you’re bombarded with misinformation and toxic food on every street corner. I think lots of things at the local level are being done to combat this, but there still needs to be more awareness at the community level. That’s what I think will make a difference. And I think the government would be helpful in an education role and enforcing changes to the public schools, for example. Maybe even protecting the real food we grow.

But, parenting is always going to be controversial because, sadly, people are always going to make mistakes. I’m not sure there’s any avoiding this.

SqueezyB, maybe we can have a stinky child swap? If we rotate them often enough, the government might become dizzy and disoriented, and get thrown off the trail.

Sister, you forgot that stupid children, in addition to running for president and becoming talking heads, might start writing blogs. It seems that they didn’t take us away from our parents fast enough (well, me, at least; you’re plenty smart).

Anyone else have thoughts/want to kick my ass?

Britain may be going overboard on the supposed child obesity crisis, but the child in question is 300 pounds. Some sort of change is required, and I don't think mom will be able to fix it at this point.

parents should teach there children about eating healthy and what kind of food they are going to eat.

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