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March 13, 2007


I saw that over on Jason Mulgrew last week. Isn't that gross!

*snort* and eww.

Click for information on an alternative (perhaps more palatable) rat type: http://ilforno.typepad.com/il_forno/2006/06/gourmet_cartoon.html

Mom, excellent. I'm marking my calendar. And you're right, French rats are much more palatable than New York ones.

Lisa, Sally: I say, let the rats have KFC/Taco Bell. It should all work itself out just fine.

Aren't rabbits and rats related? Tasty.

I don't know what would go in a Native American Indian pudding. But I'd imagine an Asian Indian pudding would be redolent with cardamon and curry. Unless you meant eating real Indians, in which case, it'd probably be closer to blood pudding... ;)

W.C. (not water closet): I'd eat a rat in a pinch, but not NY rats. I'm holding out for Vermont rodentia, I think.

Re: North American Indian pudding, it has cornmeal and molasses (per the importing colonists) or maple syrup (per the eating-local Native Americans) and is spiced with cinnamon and ginger. The origins are disputed, so I think it's fair to call it the first colonial fusion dish. It's amazing warmed up with vanilla ice cream melting all over the place. Much better than eating actual Indians, I'd imagine.

Hi Tammy,

Yes, that CW network decided not to go with WC b/c they didn't want to likened to the toilet. Although, some of their shows certainly should be...

People in Vietnam eat rice paddy rats. I've never tried myself but supposedly they're "cleaner" rats since they only eat rice grains. My friend sent me photos of the bats she ate in Indonesia. The pile of wings looked rather freaky. She said the meat was gamey, and the wings tasted leathery. Eek!

Indian pudding sounds lovely. Like a sweet polenta. Or the sweet corn tomalitos I like to make. And similar to che bap, a VNese dessert pudding with corn, tapioca pearls, and coconut milk.

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