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February 28, 2007


Aw, Pim's dinky.

But, is she wily?

Actually, it appears your work passes muster of what are considered the two gold standards for blog ethics, Cyberjournalist.net's Code of Blog Ethics, http://www.cyberjournalist.net/news/000215.php and standard #2 of Rebecca Blood's "Six Standards of Blog Ethics," http://www.rebeccablood.net/handbook/excerpts/weblog_ethics.html

Oh she is both. ;-)

Tammy, riff away. Please do. My blog is on Creative Common. And I certainly didn't *invent* Pad Thai.


Great, Pim. Thanks! (We can still fight when you get back to the U.S., if you want.)

Ed, thanks for the links. Although, I noticed that I sometimes fall short on two of their points: 1. Show good taste, and 2. Don't oversimplify.

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