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February 26, 2007


Hi, Comida sobre comida. I´m glad you like it, I think it looks really good, even if I say it myself. I thank the Academy, my mother and my dogs.

Lobstersquad & Tammy, the site looks WONDERFUL! Really great. I love it. Congrats!

Wonderful to see another of Ximena's beautiful blog banners! And it's a great reason to visit your blog. Nice to see that you're featuring Gordon's and Andy's books -- both neighbors of mine in the South End.


Thanks, Dad, SqueezyB.

Lydia, another Boston blogger? How funny to find each other by way of Spain!

Ximena, es la mejor cosa encima de un blogo que he visto en mi vida. Pues, despues de la tuya, claro.

It looks awesome! So does this make our blogs somehow related?

I chime in with your dad (what a man!) COOOOL!

I have to say, your blog's nombre -- Comida sobre la comida -- is pretty awesome.

BTW, you are all over Technorati. Given that the Oscars are a time for self-congratulation, but that you are too humble to do so, I will say this -- congratulations, you are really, as the Spanish say, en fuego. Figurado.

Thanks, Ilva, Ed. Comida sobre Comida does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it!

Ramona, I think this makes our blogs half sisters. Same mother, different lesbian lovers. Yours is older, though, so it gets to beat the crap out of mine on a regular basis.

I found your boston blog through the lobster trap~ ironic!
Looks like a fun place to visit...I'll be back.

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