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January 15, 2007


How long is this ban on you reporting your husband's antics? You're killing the non-foodie demographic among your readers, TD, if you adhere to this ban. And trust me, this demographic has significant spending power that your advertisers would love. If you had them.

There is no ban anymore. I rescinded the ban after 24 hours had passed and cooler heads prevailed.

P.S. I made out with my life-sized Tom Brady poster after yesterday's Pats win over the Chargers.

P.S.P.S. What is meant by "usual antics"? Do you mean helping with kids' dinner, baths, and bedtime instead of watching football?

P.S.P.S.P.S. There is no "prize" for me in the case of a divorce. Just lawyers.

Potentially, hot lawyers, though. Hot Worcester lawyers.

And I hear Brady is now single. Methinks he picked a good time to be without a girlfriend. Enjoy the week, Brady!

Ummmm... I could have told you about the dandelions. All I remember are my thumb sucking days. After a lovely afternoon of picking dandelions and then sticking my thumb in my mouth.... uggg! Truly traumatizing. Good rule of "thumb" (bad pun intended)... stay away from lawn weeds. Not for eating...

Dandelion greens can be good if you 1) get really young and tender leaves and 2) use a strong-flavored, sweet dressing that balances their bitterness. My favorite salad is one from Chris Schlesinger's (of the East Coast Grill) book Lettuce in Your Kitchen. The dressing includes molasses and peanuts, the salad itself is made of ham, nectarines and dandelion greens. In that salad, the particular bitterness of the greens is fantastic.

But I don't like them cooked.

I'm glad there's hope. My dandelion greens were definitely old and crotchety. When I get my hands on some young ones, I'll work some Schlesinger magic. Thanks for the tip.

By the way, I like your webzine. I had no idea there was a bison farm in MA. Or emu, for that matter.

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